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Weicht Production

You are able to become the most powerful version of yourself by just following your heart and living your dreams

"Music isn't just a thing... it's a feeling, a passion and an answer from our hearts"


 Let's create unforgettable memories!



My name is Dustin.

I am a musician and sound engineer from Germany.

Nowadays we live in a fast revving world where everything is contingent on impressions over impressions from every angle of the society.

Nevertheless only the most beautiful and particularly happenings remind in our memories, by attaining our hearts with emotions and feelings.

"My passion is to reach the deepest senses of the artists creation and deliver the most beautiful version of it.

 Whether on stage or in the studio."


Extraordinary methods, as well as knowledge in every circumstances of music as a modern technology deliver the attendancies in experimental sounds, professional music and audio post productions, as well as live sound and recordings techniques.

How can I help you?

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