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Production Process

An Audio Post Production is divided into four main categories, which requires know-how in specific themes of how to edit and record Dialog and Foley sounds, sound design creations of Special Effects as well as mixing techniques for Source and Score Music and the general audio data of the project.

Equalizer Automationfor 3d Audio Effects
Gantt Chart (Project Management)
Audio Post Production Matrix
Audio Repairing Tools/ Room specific Reverbs/ Equalizer Automations

Every production has its own structural plan with a Capacity Plan about the deadlines and tasks, Work Packages for the workflow and efficiency of the project and Gantt Charts for the overall view about the milestones, deadlines and tasks to get a good structural foundation for the topic and its competitions.



The main plot is the knowledge about the setup of how the audio in terms of the mixing process and the recording works. As visible in the videos below I working with varying plugins and automation settings to generate realistic spatial 3d audio effects.

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Alle Videos

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