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Composition is any kind of musically project like a jingle, a simple melody, a featuring in a song (for example a guitar solo) or a completely produced hiphop beat.

I have over 10 years of experience in composing music in different genres, using different tonal patterns, poly-rhythms, scales and of course instruments from electronic to classic as well as modern and futuristic genres.

Jingles and Melodys

This service is especially required if you have:

As an Artist:

- An own song or lyrics and need the right musically support to finish it

- A featuring or cooperation in mind

As a company

- An advertising video or content which needs an own song/ an own melody 

- An own acoustical sound like: tones for cars/ sound design for products etc.

As a content creator

- A creative vision or idea which  need a tonal and hearable support for a video event, a picture, an idea.


This service is especially for hip/hop artists, aiming for epic sounds, wide and deep melodies and creative rhythms, whether lyric depending or instrumental.

Autotune can be also used as sound design tool and to get a fresh tone.

Mixing with Plugins
Autotune Effects
Virtual Instruments for Midi Programming

Composer/ Beatdesigner

"Whether independently or in a team, I always perform at one-hundred percent to deliver the best possible result for your project."

Thanks for submitting!

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